Dear Reader I`m Jake Austria from Manila,  Graphic Artist

1.) I believe in Progress not Destruction  & I like happiness. 2) I don`t like sadness. 3) I like paintings & computer artworks  4.)  I like Music. 5) I love to study everything I see 6.) I love cooking . 7.) I like to imagine things impossible to turn possible …. All stuff  in my blog coming from my very own Collections  and Creations From pictures   to 3D  Graphics. I wish  you enjoy all my stuff  here  related in our every day life . Have a nice day and  keep in touch, Thank you for dropping by  …..Jake🙂


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  1. I love your Graphic art work! This blog really shows how talented you are.

    Jake:Thank you Ms.Jackie I appreciate it so much🙂

  2. Thanks for the “Like!” Great artwork and photos.

    Jake:Thank you too! How nice you are cyclingrandma🙂

  3. Love the set-up of your blog, you front page. There’s that element of surprise, from reading some bits of introduction, then when you click on an entry, the picture tells it more about the one-word title. Your blog sure testified that “A picture paints a thousand words.”

    Jake:Thank you Rommel for dropping by in my blog
    and for that wonderful comment i appreciate it 🙂

  4. Hi, Jake! Thanks for following my blog. I have spent some time in your archives, and I’ve forwarded this blog address to my sister, who started art school as a graphic artist, though she finished as a sculptor. She’ll love it as much as me! Congratulations on your good work with PostAWeek2011. May I add your blog to my blogroll? Thanks!

    Jake: Thank you so much Judith for liking my blog too!
    I Appreciate it keep in touch🙂

  5. You are a man of few words, Jake – and it works perfectly! Great “cyber-condo” you’ve constructed for yourself here on WordPress. Nicely done!

    Jake: Thank you jackie🙂

  6. Hey Jake, Thanks for stopping by my blog and subscribing. I look forward to seeing your comments and suggestions.

    Jake : Thank you too for liking one of my blog Huffygirl🙂

  7. Hi Mr. Jake, sir! Thanks so much for the sub! If you have time, please join the name game? It’s simple, and the goal is to reach a name revolution!


    Jake: Thanks Jooliee for your invitation,
    I`ll Check it out later don`t worry🙂

  8. Jake…
    I’ll be back often to read more…and see more of your awesome graphics.
    thank you for subscribing to my blog…I am honored.

    Siggi in Downeast Maine

    Jake:Thank you too Jackie for commenting and liking my blog
    I appreciate it🙂

  9. Jake…you have amazing talent !

    Jake: Thank you Holly I appreciate it Thank you for dropping by🙂

  10. Hi Jake,

    I very much enjoy your blog and will check back often. Your blog is definitely something to be proud of.

    Jake: Thank you Nicole for your very wonderful comment I appreciate it🙂

  11. hy jake hope meet you someday..

    Jake:Maybe someday, Thank you for dropping by Abdul and keep up the good work there🙂

  12. Hello, Jake!

    Great site! I’ll be a frequent “follower”.

    Jake : Thank you Alan my pleasure , you deserve to be follow too🙂


  13. Menon, Hema

    December 6, 2011

    Jake, good work on this blog! Interesting entries, will visit often. Thanks for you comments.

    Jake: thank you too Hema for the multiple comments, Your blog is good too🙂

  14. Hi Jake!
    your all graphic Artworks are awesome.it shows your talent..It Impresse me a lot. Keep on sharing.Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Jake: Thank you Charismatick for your great comment and dropping by your blog is great too 🙂

  15. Hi Jake! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Your work is awesome!

    Jake: Thank you Go Send or Disobey,for visiting You have a great blog too 🙂

  16. Hey Jake–thanks for visiting my blog . . . and liking it.😉 I’ve enjoyed hanging out here, too.

    Jake: Thank you jennw2ns,for dropping by too! keep in touch🙂

  17. Hey jake-Thanks for visiting my blog and liking it. Your graphic arts skills are great. Enjoy your summer, its winter in the Northern Hemisphere!

    Jake:Thank you Douglas for dropping by, you have a great blog and article too.🙂

  18. Thanks for the follow. Your work is great! I’ll have to sit a spell and enjoy the artwork.

    Jake:Thank you Tom for dropping by and comment,I appreciate it.
    I Love your interesting work there too in your site🙂

  19. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your work!

    Jake:Thank you Alison for visiting, you have a great blog too🙂

  20. Thank you Jake for ‘liking’ my post and for your return visits to my site. I’m impressed with your work here. Great ideas.

    Jake:Thank you for dropping by, Mona I appreciate it your blog is great too🙂

  21. Hi Jake, I’ve just nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award

    Jake: Thank you Cee for choosing this blog I really appreciate it🙂

  22. Jake: Thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel like the lucky one in discovering your work. Excellent stuff! Keep it coming.

    Jake: Thank you alanschuyler for dropping by and great comments i appreciate it you have a great blog too🙂

  23. Hello, Jake, I’m nominating you for the Candle Lighter’s Award, too. Here is the link: http://diabeticredemption.com/2011/12/22/the-candle-lighter-award/

    Jake;Thank you judithatwood for mentioning my name too
    It`s Christmas I called it Exchange Gift He.he🙂

  24. Happy New Year my friend! All the best in 2012!🙂

    Jake: Happy Holidays to you Arvee and for your family as well🙂

  25. Hi Jake, wishing you all the best in the New Year!!!!

    Jake : Thank you Venus I appreciate to hear it from you
    wish you luck for 2012 and more power to your blog too🙂

  26. 2004 followers! Can’t wait to add another number to it. Hope you had a great Holidays.

    Jake: Wish you luck for 2012 my friend🙂


  27. svenoblivion

    January 4, 2012

    Thank you, Jake, for the like on my post and the blog subscription!

    Happy New Year –

    – s
    Jake;Thank you too svenoblivion my pleasure to have you
    Happy New Year my friend🙂


  28. David Gillaspie

    January 4, 2012

    You’re hitting it just right Jake. Keep an eye out for the Badger in your camera.



    Jake:Thank you David for drop by
    wish you luck for 2012🙂

  29. you are very talented, love your work!!
    xx, k

    Jake:My Pleasure to have your comment here Kristina you have a great site too
    Wish you luck for 2012 more power to your blog🙂

  30. Jake, thank you for following my Blog etc via wordpress. I just hope you dont get too bored. I also do others on the Blogger site. And am trying to do a more personal one with novel writing, in process of doing now. Again thanks.
    I also like your site and will follow with great interest.

    Jake; Thank you for your great comment cobbies69 I respect people like you glad to know you🙂

  31. jake, thanks for subbing my blog…but you subbed at my now defunct site (baying at the moon) if you want to get my stuff, you need to sub at barking in the dark (barkinginthedark.com) thanks man, and i will check out your musings too. continue…

    Jake:Thank you barkinginthedark for drop by I appreciate it🙂

  32. Smile! Jake. I added you on my handpicked blogroll.😀

    Thanks for all your support to my blog.

    Jake;Thank you Rommel my pleasure for having slot in your blogroll list.

  33. thanks for “liking” my launch photo…big compliment coming from a photographer… 🙂

    Jake: Thank you hugmamma for dropping by too I appreciate it🙂

  34. Jake,

    Stumbled across your blog after seeing your “I’m a Part of Post A Week 2012” badges. I love ’em! Do you mind if I post one on my blog?

    Come by and take a look while you’re at it. http://www.jcdickerson.wordpress.com.

    Hope to see you around.

    Take care,


    Jake:Thank you Joe for the comments ,I think i`m only impatient to wait for the original 2012 Badge
    I Change it soon for the original one when it comes out and for your request go ahead buddy my pleasure to see my work in your site as temporary badge for 2012 post a day and post a week and here is the links http://wp.me/p23sd-3x🙂

    thank you for sharing my work with you I appreciate it ….jake🙂

    • Thanks Jake! I put the badge on my blog and made sure to throw your name in there in appreciation. I’ve also added you to my blogroll.

      And thanks for subscribing. See ya around!


      Jake;Wow it looks great in your site http://jcdickerson.wordpress.com
      Thank you for support …Jake 🙂

  35. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing your art with the world. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Jake:Thank you diggingher for drop by and comments I appreciate it
    I like your “Daybook of comfort and joy” post excellent🙂

    • Hey Jake,

      I am wondeing if you might be interested in creating a widgit for me. March is women’s history month, celebrating and empowering women. I thought I could encourage others to blog about certain topics throughout the month. Grabbing a widgit to highlight the challenge. I really haven’t a clue how to do it myself but I know a great graphic artist who might be up to it. Let me know…if you can’t I completely understand. You can email me directly…woodrup10@yahoo.com


  36. Just Rambling

    January 12, 2012

    Wow, thank you for subscribing!😀
    A follower from Manila! Yay!

    Jake:Welcome to my world Just Rambling nice to meet you🙂

  37. Amazing graphics. I have never seen blog like this one. I like it.

    Jake:Thank you Claudia for dropping by and wonderful comments
    welcome to my blog glad you like it🙂

  38. Thanks for taking the time to come by and comment on my site. I look forward to seeing more of your design and photography work!🙂

    Jake:Thank you farmhouse stories for drop by welcome to my blog glad you like it🙂

  39. Hi Jake I have nominated you for Genuine Blogger Award. Please follow the link to know more http://somkritya.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/genuine-blogger-award-2/

    Jake: How sweet you are Soma for choosing this blog to nominate again for the 2nd time in Genuine blogger award I look forward for the update soon Thank you my friend🙂

  40. Thanks for subscribing to my blog, Jake. I look forward to seeing your work.

    Jake:I`m always searching for new friends Christine I love too🙂

  41. thanks for stopping by, cool artworks🙂

    Jake:Thank you isabella kai for drop by , you have a great blog too🙂

  42. Oh, a Filipino ! I’m Filipino-American !

    Great photos you have here.

    Cheers !

    Jake: Thank you renxkyoko FOR DROP BY AND COMMENT I appreciate it🙂


  43. Blood-Ink-Diary

    January 21, 2012

    Jake, thank you for a lovely comment on my blog, through which I am now looking at your art work – what a talented man you are! Keep doing what the heart dictates you to do with art! Keep in touch. Cheers.

    Jake: Thank you my friend for a wonderful comment I appreciate it
    more power to your blog too🙂

  44. Hello Jake – thank you for dropping-by my blog and letting me know you were there!

    Very nice home you have here. 🙂

    Jake:Thank you seekraz Glad to meet you🙂


  45. uncommonprincess

    January 22, 2012

    Thanks for the ‘like’ on my gift idea post.

    Jake;Thank you for drop by uncommonprincess I appreciate it🙂

  46. This is thehappydrummer from his wordPress blog. You have a nice approach, very tastful, and you acknowledge people well. this is so important, to let people know what they viewed immediately!
    Rich Platz, thehappydrummer

    Jake;Thank you thehappydrummer for drop by and Comments
    Glad to hear it from MYSPACE blogger and glad to meet you too🙂

  47. Love the family sculpture today but could not find where to post a comment. Also, your awards “sparkle” and play like no where else in this blog-a-sphere!

    Jake:Thank you purpleborough for the great comments I love to meet people loves my work my pleasure to hear it from you my friend welcome to the club🙂

  48. great blog you have here pre! i’m your latest follower🙂

    please drop by my blog http://kap10bob.wordpress.com
    i’m a newbie blogger and will appreciate any inputs from you… cheers!🙂

    Jake:Thank you for dropping by my friend I appreciate it🙂

  49. Thanks for the like! Hope that tyre art inspired you as much as it has us!

    Jake:Thanks John for visit more power to your blog too🙂

  50. Jake, you seem like a really cool guy, thanks so much for subscribing to my blog, let me know how you like my music:). All the best!

    Jake:Thank you for drop by I love to meet great people like you ,welcome my friend 🙂

  51. Thank you for being my first follower. It means so much to me!
    And I really enjoy your blog so far. Very creative🙂

    Jake:I`m glad to hear it from you join us here welcome inomniaxparatus🙂

  52. Hey Jake, thanks for dropping by at my humble blog. Keep up the great work with yours🙂

    Jake;My pleasure to meet new friends more power to your blog too🙂

  53. Hi Jake, I’m using your postaweek logo. Thanks for designing it, Jake. You’re a genius

    Jake:Anytime you want my friend🙂

  54. Hi Jake

    Thanks for the like. This world needs good designers like you!

    Jake:Thank you too! my friend 🙂

  55. wow you have changed they your blog look.. it is very good .. was good to before

    Jake:Thanks glad you like it🙂

  56. hi Jake, – you may already have this from elsewhere, but I wanted to let you know I put your name up for the Awesome Blog Content award here:


    Thanks for inspiring me to be creative! – Judee

    Jake:Thank you Judy I really appreciate it🙂

  57. Hey Jake…Wow…I see above me another award. I’ll bet you have them stacked up in a storeroom somewhere! I’m here to give you one too!😉 Congrats!
    I’d like to award the Genuine Blogger Award to you. There are no rules for this award, no lists or questions to answer. You can post the image if you want. You can pass the award on if you want. Here’s the link for more info:

    Jake:Thank you Judy I appreciate it🙂

  58. hey there, jake! thanks for dropping by my blog.
    glad to have new found blog buddy!
    you’re welcome to swing back, anytime!
    …my hk disneyland blog series continues; new post within the week!

    Jake: Thank you too my friend for drop by I appreciate it🙂

  59. Jake, there is an internet game of tag that is going around and I was tagged. I answered the questions and now I am tagging you. Here is my post where you will find my answers for both of the times I was tagged as well as the questions I came up with for you. (http://morningerection.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/ive-been-tagged-so-im-it/)

    Jake:That was a Nice Game Thanks for sharing 🙂

  60. Jake, you are one of a kind artist. I love all your works. Way to go…..
    By the way thanks for watching my video ” Nurse Angelica ” on Nelson’s site and thanks for your comment.

    Jake:You deserve to have it my friend …We proud of you🙂

  61. Hi Jake, You may have already been tagged but here is another one for you! You’re it! TAGGED! http://wp.me/p1RzUf-Md
    Have a great day Jake!🙂

    Jake: Thank you Sunshine I appreciate it🙂

  62. Hey Dear,
    I know it’s not new for you but still couldn’t help awarding you here :


    Thanks so much ! Cheers ! Have a great Day !

    Jake:Thank you my friend for choosing this blog I appreciate it🙂


  63. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    March 11, 2012

    You are just awesome, Jake, so skilled with your graphic arts.

    I loved this short ‘About’, though find it extraordinary you love the smell of wine but don’t wish to drink it. How curious! It’s like smelling a roast dinner & not wanting to eat it. Very unusual!

    Thank you for dropping by today, Jake. I appreciate when you read or watch my work, & when you bother to comment. Cheers to you🙂

    Jake: Thank you for drop by and great comment my friend
    I`m working busy that`s why i don`t have time to taste it lol ,
    I really love your story about Daniel too, I keep look forward to your blog ,Cheers🙂

  64. Hi Jake lovely blog! I salute your talent. Namaste🙂

    Jake: Thank you Dilip Glad to hear that🙂

  65. Hey Jake I have nominated you for Beautiful Blogger and Very Inspiring Blogger Award
    If you choose to accept the awards please click the link to know more.
    have a great day🙂

    Jake:Thank you Soma for your wonderful gift I really appreciate it🙂

  66. 🙂


  67. Hi Jake, Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your thumbs up comment! I’m glad I found you. Your blog is very different and so interesting. I’m following you now. Dor

    Jake:Thank you Dor I really appreciate what you have done as well and welcome to my blog🙂

  68. Gorgeous blog, Jake. Your creativity really shines through!

    Jake:Thank you my friend,i appreciate it🙂


  69. 3rdCultureChildren

    March 27, 2012

    Jake, I really enjoy your work, and you were the ‘savior’ during the “wordpress badge limbo”… thanks for sharing your beautiful creations! Take care, Raquel, from 3rdculturechildren.

    Jake:Thank you Raquel I appreciate it🙂

  70. Wow you have loads of interesting things going on here! Thank you for stopping by!

  71. I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blog Award. I enjoy the graphics you create and the weekly prompts. Please see my post for details: http://collinesblog.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/the-very-inspiring-blogger-award/

  72. Thank you Jake for visiting my blog and liking my photos

    Jake:Thank you Lori I appreciate it welcome to my blog🙂

  73. I need to say thanks to jake He is lovable men in the world……………..

    Jake:Thanks Sam I like it your not lying he,he🙂

  74. Great Blog … I love your weekly themes. It’s a great way to connect people and to challenge/inspire/spark our creativity.

    Jake:Thank you Mona I appreciate it🙂

  75. Thanks for the visit to my blog and the Like! Great work, here on yours.
    –Glenda / GreenBoat

    Jake:Thanks too🙂

  76. Great site you have too. You are a great artist ..indeed. :-))

    Jake:Thanks Mark I appreciate it🙂

  77. Hi Jake. Is the Water Dragon milder than other dragons in dragons-lore? If so, is this year any different in Asian culture than any other dragon year? Sorry to be asking.I’m quite ignorant about these matters.

    As far as i know they are the same I`m using the title of water dragon as Sunday post barrier of the year, Next year i change it to what Chinese calendar will be and thanks for dropping by with your great comment🙂

  78. I like your moving graphics, and your presentation of Light to the world. I study theoretical Physics, and I am an ordained Buddhist (Nichiren Daishonen). wondering if you have read a book called “The Secret of Light”, by Walter Russell.
    It basically portrays Pure Light as God, and all we see in our eyes as God’s Imaginings spread out into two major, and uneven, streams of Light constantly attracted and attempting to line up to each other. they eventually do, and become voided out, not neutralized, and then starts all over again, and again. Light does not die, and we are the product of its system. He teaches that we live in a purely Electric Universe. I would like to hear your views on this subject, if you wish, sometime!

    Peace, thehappydrummer (Keyword on WordPress).

    Jake:Thanks Nichiren for your great words here truly inspirational ,and your right LIGHT OF GOD never dies🙂

  79. Hello,

    I have been enjoying your photos and I must say that I am impressed. The images are such an art!
    Thank you for spreading the joy and sending the marvels to our heart. Have a great day!:-)

    Subhan Zein

    Jake:Thank you for your great comment Subhan I really appreciate it🙂

  80. Hi Guys, have a nice day and thanks for all the friendly words sofar…www.markpol.nl …:-))


  81. Jake,
    I want to let you know how much I enjoy and am inspired by your blog. I want to give you The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! http://motherwifestudentworker.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/very-inspiring-blogger-award/
    Keep up the great work!

    Jake:Thank you Claudia for thinking this blog I really appreciate it🙂

  82. Jake,
    I have also tagged you.

    Jake:Thank you Claudia🙂

  83. Hi Jake🙂 I love # 7 about the impossible becoming possible. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Jake:Thanks for comment and dropping by Butterfly Jewel🙂

  84. Hello Jake! I really enjoy your blog…so I nominiated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger and the Genuine Blogger awards. You may already have these awards but I coulnd’t resist! I hope you accept! Here’s the link:

    Jake:Thank you Cathy🙂

  85. Absolutely love your blog, Jake.. You have a wonderfully positive attitude towards life.😉

    Jake: Thanks adinparadise🙂

  86. You are one talented dude, Mr. Jake!

    Jake:Thanks for comment mj monaghan🙂

  87. hi there, i nominated you for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD. Read all about it at http://starlight427.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/one-lovely-blog-award/

    Jake:Thanks for Nominating my site starlight🙂

  88. Jake I have nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award. Please see my post for details: http://collinesblog.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/the-illuminating-blogger-award/

    Jake:Thanks Colline I appreciate it🙂

  89. Hey Jake! I always enjoy looking at your work. You are very talented. Thank you for being a regular visitor to my blog. I really appreciate it.🙂

    Jake:Thanks Nicole I appreciate it🙂

  90. Very beautiful Jake , good luck .

    Jake:Thanks daoud I appreciate your comment🙂

  91. great “about me page” love the dancing Jake!

    Jake:Thanks for comment my friend I appreciate it🙂

  92. Love your about me and your graphics. And I love the smell of coffee but don’t drink it. I always look forward to your Sunday posts. Thanks Jake!

    Jake: Thanks for your wonderful comment TBM, my pleasure🙂

  93. Hi Jake! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Here’s the link http://imexcited.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/one-lovely-blog-award/ for details. Thanks!

    Jake:Thank you my friend I appreciate it🙂

  94. 😀 I like what I read, but one thing puzzles me. … how can one enjoy the smell of wine and not taste it😉

    Jake:Thanks for comment Paula, I`m ex alcoholic , I never fall asleep without it,Well it happens 5 years ago
    Now I enjoy chatting,blogging , with my computer than to drunk again, better to SMELL IT, NOT TO DRINK IT ha.ha.


  95. Travel Culture Food

    June 21, 2012

    Hi dearie, Congratulations I have nominated you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”

    Jake:Thank you for thinking my blog Travel Culture Food I appreciate it🙂

  96. So talented! Visited and liked your page. Please visit me and like if you get a moment. https://www.facebook.com/AustralianFantasyAdventures
    Jeanne E Rogers – Writer

    Jake:Thanks Jeanne I appreciate it ,Sure I look forward for your request🙂

  97. You are an interesting character, likable, more so because you don’t drink. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Jake: Thanks for comment my friend So True very long time ago even I like , No time for that matter I`m a busy man🙂

  98. Jake…just wanted to let you know I’ve passed along several blog awards to you: http://viviankirkfield.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/and-the-winner-is-awards-and-a-giveaway/
    Your blog is super-cool and your graphics are amazing!

    Jake:Thanks for nomination Vivian I really appreciate it ,
    thanks for your great comment more power to you too🙂

  99. Thanks Jake for visiting in my blog..🙂
    Have a nice day.

    Jake:Thanks Bams for drop by your blog is great too🙂

  100. You Are Loved! Thanks so much my dear friend, Jake for following AllAboutLemon and staying with me until this time, I highly appreciate this and as a token of my gratitude please kindly accept my gift to you here: http://wp.me/p1VwND-2vr
    Just simply because You Are Loved! Enjoy!
    Dolly xoxo

    Jake:Thanks Maria I appreciate it🙂

  101. Nice work ! and thanks for visiting and following my blog !

    Jake:My pleasure to be part of your blog🙂

  102. Hi Jake. thanks for following my blog! I was checking out the weekly challenges and thinking about trying it. sounds interesting!

    Jake:Thank you tobyo for dropping by,pleasure to meet new friends as well🙂

  103. Thank you for visiting my blog. I like your work and i’ll look forward for reading more.

    Thanks you Shalvika for dropping by my pleasure to have you here too🙂

  104. Tag! You’re it!

    Jake:Thanks for you time my friend, I appreciate🙂

  105. Hi Jake,

    some cool graphics and art work here my friend, well done🙂 If you have time drop by my sites and let me know your thoughts http://reflectionsofchina.wordpress.com and http://moreimagesfromme.wordpress.com these photoblogs are for images i capture here in China the country were I live and work and the other for images captured on my travels to other countries, I hope you like them too?



    Jake:Thanks for dropping by Mark,You have a great photography in your sites , truly a great contribution for the blogosphere keep in touch🙂

  106. You have really cool things going on in your blog! Keep the great work up!
    And thank you for stopping by my blog, liking and following!

    Jake:Thanks for great comment my friend I appreciate it🙂

  107. Hi Jake, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I’m sure you’ve received it already, but still I’m nominating you🙂
    Here’s the link: http://reenareigns.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/award-acknowledgement/

    Jake:Thanks for the Award I appreciate it my friend🙂

  108. Hi Jake:
    Thank you for signing up to follow my blog. But the one you signed up on is my old blog. I hope you sign up again at http://www.tracycampbell.net/blog.
    Thank you.

    Jake: I Look forard to it Tracy ,Thank you for dropping by🙂

  109. You have been tagged by me in this week’s Tag Blogathon.
    Visit my post for more details: http://ohmsweetohmdotme.wordpress.com/2012/09/30/the-tag-blogathon

    Jake:Thanks for the invitation my friend🙂

  110. Thank you for following my photo blog, Jake! Really appreciate your interest. Your design work is great! I look forward to checking back often for more super graphic surprises! Best to you!

    Jake:Thank you for dropping by too Tiffany , My pleasure to have you here more power to your site as well🙂

  111. Hey, Jake. I’m just checking on you. When your “Sunday Post Challenge” didn’t come up this weekend, I got a little concerned. You may just be having computer problems, and if so, you won’t even get this note until they’re fixed. I hope nothing serious is going on, and I will pray for the Lord’s blessings on you and His help if you need it especially right now.

    Jake; Thank you for your great comment Sandra , evrythings fine now my friend🙂

  112. hi jake….just passing by to say hello and to give you this…


    Jake: Thank you my friend I really appreciate the award I will put you to my list in my blog award page 🙂


  113. R'chelle Cyrus-Hughes

    November 8, 2012

    Hello Jake. Thank you for visiting my blog! I love yours! I’m looking forward to following you!

    Jake : Glad to meet you R`chelle🙂


  114. rimassolosailingaroundtheworldm

    November 10, 2012

    How are you Jake. I like it your blog It was interesting to me. Thank for visiting my blog. Rimas.

    Jake:Thanks for dropping by Rimas,
    I really love your ocean adventure there my friend🙂

  115. How talented you are! Your personal description #7 is imagining the impossible as possible. No need to imagine, because ways to perform miracles are all around us. How we see, hear or feel them is individual – found in strong events occurring in our lives. My memoir e-book tells my story, and helps define what to expect.

    Jake: Thank you for dropping by my friend ,I appreciate your comment🙂

  116. Jake, Hi! Today I was happily surprised to find out that I was nominated by a fellow blogger for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award. This involves some kind of participation (as you probably already know)! One of the things I had to do was to propose 15 bloggers for the same award. I thought of you at once, since your challenge is one of the first I follow and especially inspiring! So, there you go my friend! Participate! http://goomfh.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/728/ This is a link to my page, where you will find the instructions! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!🙂

    Jake:Thank you for thinking this blog my friend I really appreciate🙂

  117. hi jake, just passing by to drop this:

    Jake:Thanks for your compliment my friend I really appreciate it🙂

  118. Wow! Great work on the graphics!

    Thanks again for visiting my blog and the likes! If you’ll continue with the Sunday Post in 2013, I’ll join next year. It looks like fun!

    Jake: Let me think of it my friend for 2013 🙂

  119. Dear Reader I`m Jake Austria from Manila, Graphic Artist / Photographer
    1.) I believe in Progress not Destruction & I like happiness. 2) I don`t like sadness. 3) I like paintings & computer artworks 4.) I like Music. 5) I love the smell of wine, still I don’t drink it. 6) I love cooking . 7) I like to imagine things impossible to turn possible . All stuff in my blog coming from my very own Collections and Creations From pictures to 3D Graphics. I wish you enjoy all my stuff here related in our every day life . Have a nice day and keep in touch, Thank you for dropping by …..Jake

    I have to do this for my blogs too…it’s been a year and I am in love with your talents and Grapics. Jackie your BIGGEST FAN.

    Jake: Jackie Paulson in the house ,Thank you my friend for the support, To all readers Jackie is my first subscriber and friend here ,More power to your site Jackie want to give a big salute and HUGS my friend🙂

  120. Hi, Jake. After hearing about the typhoon in the Philippines, I just wanted to check and make sure you and your family are all right. Of course, if power is out, you probably can’t even read this post, but hopefully you are okay.

    Jake: Thanks Sandra,We live in Metro Manila we are safe here Typhoon Pablo hit the Mindanao area that killed so many lives there,Terrible disaster my friend🙂

  121. i knew it! you’re PINOY!😀

    Jake:100 percent .

  122. An award for you…but just wanted to let you know…I think you deserve them all personally…but you choose:

    Jake: Thanks Jo for support I really appreciate my friend🙂

  123. Jake, Sending heartfelt hugs to all affected by the Typhoon… and glad you are safe.


    Jake: Thank you Eliz I`m okey my friend 🙂

  124. Please accept this award to show my appreciation for the art you share and inspire with. http://wp.me/p28tjX-A8 I promise no more this year.

    Jake: Thank you Silently I really appreciate it🙂


  125. petit4chocolatier

    December 24, 2012

    Jake, your work is spectacular!!

    Jake: Thanks Judy,I love your blog as well you always makes me hungry lol🙂

  126. A very Happy New Year 2013 to you, Jake. I hope that this year is filled with a great many wonderful things for you.
    I have nominated you for the Blog of the Year award
    well deserved ….

    Jake:Thank you very much Izy I really appreciate🙂

  127. Hi Jake, this is really impressive you are really good at what you do
    Thanks for sharing

    Jake: I really appreciate your words thank you my friend🙂

  128. Hi Jake, I just want to say that is a honor that you check out my site/blog! Thank you

    Jake:My pleasure to found some interesting blog like yours,
    Thanks for visiting as well🙂


  129. Caddo Veil

    February 10, 2013

    Hi Jake! I just realized that I had not been here–among your throngs of admirers!! I’m thankful for the connection we’ve made–I love participating in your Sunday Posts. God bless you and favor you with His Good Will, today and always–Love, “Auntie Caddo”

    Jake: Hello! Aunt Caddo,I really appreciate your every inspiring words my friend,
    More power to your site as well…God Bless you too🙂

  130. I love your graphic designs you are very talented

    Jake:My pleasure my friend 🙂

    1. Thanks for the follow. Nice blog.

      Jake: My pleasure to follow my friend🙂

  131. Nice to follow your blog @Jake, i hope you accept this nomination http://campanulladellaanna.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/award-from-a-friend-thank-you-gerry/

    Jake: Thank you campanulladellaanna , I really appreciate🙂

  132. Jake,
    My post for your Sentimental Value challenge last week was Freshly Pressed today. Thank you for the inspirational topic. I am sharing this award with you.

    Here is a link: http://ohmsweetohmdotme.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/sentimental-value-is-freshly-pressed/

    Thanks agin,

  133. We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with valuable info to work on. You’ve done an impressive
    job and our entire community will be thankful to you.

    Jake: I appreciate Thank you my friend🙂

  134. Great blog, thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge with us. I’ll be back for more, I’m your new follower.🙂
    Greetings from the Far North

    Jake:Thanks Dina🙂

  135. Jake, I’ve missed you. Any of your remarkable challenges in the works?

    Jake: Thanks Mona🙂

  136. Thank you so much for reading and following my blog, Jake.

    Jake: Thanks for Dropping By as well my friend🙂

  137. somehow you found the blog I write on photography. I am glad you did – and intend to spend some time going thru your creative and interesting blog site to find out about you.

    Jake: Keep going my friend more power to your blog🙂

  138. Hi jake. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I really liked your 3-D image. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.🙂

    Jake: I will my friend , Thanks for dropping by🙂

  139. Hello, Jake, my friend! Somehow, I wasn’t following you anymore, but now I’m back! So nice to see all those likes — thanks! And I am glad to be back in touch, because I finally got a good camera! Maybe I can enter the Sunday Challenge this weekend. So nice to hear from you! With love, Judith😎

    Jake: Thanks Judith I really appreciate my friend🙂

  140. Hi Jake, thanks for stopping by. I LIKE your attitude and all your likes and dislikes! Best ~ HuntMode

    Jake: Thank you🙂

  141. I like your 3D creation! Are you into programming as well?
    Jake: Nope sir I`m just a Graphic artist thanks for dropping by🙂

  142. Thanks for following my blog! Best wishes for 2014.

    Jake: Same to you clickingpixie, Thanks for dropping by🙂

  143. Thanks for dropping by my blog Jake and glad you liked my january going into february challenge… IAM sure we are going to enjoy each others journey doing our best to enjoy live and co-create a wonderful world…. Barbara

    Jake: Thanks Barbara🙂

  144. Hello Jake…. really like your art. I appreciate it because I started off as a computer animator then became interested in film. I still love it. Great graphics. =) Keep it up!

    Jake: Thanks for the wonderful comment godtisx, I really appreciate🙂

  145. Hi Jake! Nice blog, I really enjoyed your posts and 3D creations🙂 Can’t wait to see more~

    Jake: I`m back🙂


  146. Cathy the Bagg Lady

    June 26, 2014

    Hi Jake,
    It’s been a long time since I visited your blog. Do you have any Sunday Post more current than May? I would like to accept the writing challenge weekly.

    Jake: I`m running out of themes I change my blog to quotes now🙂

  147. You’ve got pretty good blog too… Cheers from Ireland, Swav🙂

    Jake:Thank you Swav, I really Appreciate🙂

  148. Thanks for visiting and following my blog.

    Jake: Thank you for dropping by as well , goannasnake🙂

  149. You have an interesting blog, Jake! Glad I came by. My name’s also Jake by the way, and I love music, too.🙂

    Jake: Thank you mockingbird181984🙂

  150. Well, that’s a fairly terrific list !😀
    Hello, nice to meet you, Jake !

    Jake- Thanks for dropping by M.R I really appreciate🙂

  151. Thank you for the follow. I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

    Jake: Thanks unexpectedincommonhours, I really appreciate🙂

  152. Thanks for stopping by my page. I appreciate it.

    Jake: Same to me maisstrauss, Thank you for dropping by🙂

  153. Thank you SO much for all the likes!!! I am so glad I found your great blog and look forward to enjoying your posts!

    Jake: Thank you RMW.. Glad you like it🙂

  154. Thanks Jake for stopping by my blog. Just want to wish you a very happy Christmas and hope that 2015 is a positive and enriching year for you.

    Jake: Thank you Donna🙂

  155. I hope you have a Happy Holiday & Happy New Year. I’ve enjoyed your blog and look forward to what you come up with next year.

    Jake: Thanks Ana, wish you the same for 2015 my friend🙂

  156. I’m proud to be one of your followers , appreciating your talent a lot!
    Your blog is so clever and fascinating, thanks for your shares!

    Jake: I really appreciate your comment Anna Thank you, wish you luck my friend 🙂

  157. I love your work🙂 Really nice blog Jake!!!!🙂🙂

    Jake: You have a great blog too! aspiriteddiva …Thank you!

  158. Thanks so much for the follow on my travel blog. I’m following you now too.

    Jake: Same here Peggy, Thanks a lot for dropping by my friend🙂

  159. Thanks for always being here for me, now it is 2015 and I am so glad I have you for my friend. You are so very talented!!

    Jake: I don`t know what`s going on ….for sure GOD has a plan for us Jackie HOLD ON my friend🙂

  160. Thank you on behalf of Daylight Tune Ministry to follow our ministry blog. May our poetry bless your hearts and minds🙂

    Jake: I really Appreciate Yoshiko ,,,Thank you !

  161. Hello Jake, It’s always nice to have new follower(s) like you. thank you very much for dropping by on my blog and the follow as well. I won’t be hesitate to follow this awesome blog too. Cheers🙂

    Jake : My pleasure pleisbilongtumi, Glad you like this blog ….Thank you🙂

  162. Great stuff you pump out Jake…it goes the full spectrum!
    any quotes coming from Irish artists?

    Jake: Thank you very for your kindly visit …can you give me some idea of irish artist quotes my friend🙂


  163. panos

    June 8, 2015

    jake its wonderful job here !!! God bless you my good friend !!

    Jake: It`s my pleasure to see you here my friend Panos …Thank you very much!

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