Versatile Blogger

Chronicles  of  illusions nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award

and I really accept.

Thank you, .Chronicles  of  illusions by Jo Bryant

Though, there are 3 simple rules to follow:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award and link by to their blog.

2. Nominate 15 Bloggers for this award, and notify them about the nomination.

3. Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.

1.) I believe in Progress not Destruction  & I like happiness. 2) I don`t like sadness. 3) I like paintings & computer artworks  4.)  I like Music. 5) I love the smell of wine, still I don’t drink it. 6) I love cooking . 7) I like to imagine things impossible to turn possible .

It’s a pleasure to nominate the following Bloggers:
















I Changed the look of the award  for better view

I hope they appreciate the award as much as I do.🙂

I also Thank s  

Grannydog ,

 Sunshine ,



Charismatik  for nominating this blog too  :)

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  1. wow jake I am so thrilled, thank you very much!

    Jake: I`m glad you like it too🙂

  2. Congratulations Jake! You truly have earned the award. Your blog is an enjoyable place to visit. And I never know what I’m going to see here. Well done!🙂

    Thanks so much for the nomination. I’m going to take a pass on it though because I won the award back in March 2011.🙂

    Jake: Oh I`m glad to hear it from you and congratulations too ,so hard to pick 15 bloggers to nominate he,he🙂

  3. wow, I am thrilled to be on you versatile blogger award, by the way have I mentioned you have some great illustrations!

    Thank you jmeyersforeman,for the appreciation of my Artwork
    I believe Photography and Arts has the same value
    That`s why i choose your work, I`m glad you like it too🙂

  4. Hi Jake,

    First of all, the award never looked better now that you got your hands on it! I really appreciate you nominating my blog. I too, like E.C. have received this award, but am just as tickled you would nominate me for a second one. Congrats on receiving this nomination Jake. You have a great space I enjoy visiting. You are a very creative spirit my friend. Thanks again, Margie

    Jake: Thank you Margie for the great response, I`m Glad you like it
    I Dedicate all my creation and work to all who enjoy it
    Wish you PEACE and JOY this Holiday Seasons 🙂

  5. Hey, hello Jake!! Congratulations for receiving this award you deserve it, you have a great blog, and thanks a lot for passing it to me, is an honor to receive it. I appreciate a lot you enjoy my blog, because I also enjoy a lot reading yours. You have great ideas and great pictures and images.

    As you, I also enjoy music, poetry and painting there’s nothing I love more than going out on holidays for museums and art expositions they are the best! I will be looking forward as I always do to keep reading your posts love them so much!

    Thanks again, and hope you still keep enjoying, because I WILL jejeje😉

    Jake: Thank you Andrea for awesome response,
    My pleasure to hear it from you again and again
    Cause i love your work as well,
    Wish you PEACE and JOY this holiday Seasons.🙂

  6. WooHoo to you Jake! 8) Congratulations on your award and THANK YOU for adding my blog to your list! This is so kind of you. I love your blog and wish you continued success in 2012!🙂
    Merci beaucoup!😉

    Jake:Thank you ElizOF for your great response ,I1m glad to hear it from you Wish you PEACE and JOY this Holiday Seasons:)

    Merci beaucoup too !🙂

  7. Congrats, Jake. You’re awesome! And thanks so much! I really appreciate this — makes me so happy!
    You hate squirrels?! Why?

    Jake; Thank you Nicole for response I`m glad you like it ,
    and for your question It`s not the animal thing I do not like ,
    We translate Traitor here as squirrel He,he,
    PEACE be with you in this Holiday seasons🙂

  8. Jake congratulations to you! You deserve this award! I am happy to see it on your sidebar and I like the changes you made🙂 I am going to have to say thank you so much for thinking of me, so sweet of you, but I already have this award given to me by IsobelandCat’s blog last month! It is on my About page🙂 And Jake I truly like and enjoy the 7 things you shared about you!!

    Jake: Thank you my friend for great response and I`m Glad you like it ,,,
    I choose your blog for the 2nd time It does`nt matter if you have already he,he
    PEACE be with you this Seasons and for your family😉

  9. Wow Jake – love what you did with the image…

    Jake: Thank you Jo I`m glad you like it,
    Thank you for the Award🙂
    Hey folks visit Jo Bryant Blog more interesting story and article there

  10. Jake currently i am not finding enough people to pass on this award. So i will not mind if you will pass it to someone else. Thanks a lot for choosing me for this award. I really do appreciate it.🙂
    Merry Christmas to you.🙂 Best wishes for holidays!!

    Jake:It`s ok best wishes to your blog too 🙂

  11. I know you already got it… but here, i have named you again.


    Jake: I`m Happy for the Honor you gave to me my friend
    As my fourth nomination i`m gonna add you in my Versatile page
    Thank you so much i appreciate it🙂

  12. One more award from me🙂

    Jake:Thank you Rois I really appreciate it,
    your so kind to me more power to your blog🙂

  13. Congratulations! and thank you for visiting and following my blog!🙂

    Jake:Thank you bookbimbo Welcome to my blog as well🙂

  14. Congratulations Jake. This is such a great award to be given and you so rightly deserve it. Since I am a newbie, I look forward to receiving such awards. thank you for your great space and stop by for coffee with me sometime ~Franny

    Jake:I really appreciate every comment you write here my friend, Thank you🙂

  15. Hi Jake, I see you already have the Versatile Bloggers Award, and it looks like you’ve been elected again … by me.🙂 I enjoy the Challenges you post every where, and since you are so versatile in your subject matter, I thought it would only be appropriate to award you for the fine job you do. Feel free to pick up the link from my post. Thanks and keep up the great posts you bless us with every week!

    Jake:Thanks Orples I really appreciate your comment
    and my pleasure to have you here more power to your blog as well🙂

  16. Jake! Accolades…

    Jake:Thanks Rick🙂

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